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Cabs a letdown, commuters deal with auto’s surge pricing | Times of India

CHENNAI: A number of buses off the streets, meant commuters on Thursday had to turn to autorickshaws and cab aggregators. But mobility came at a cost of either time or money as only a few cabs were available and auto rickshaws surged prices.
Though roads were free of rush-hour traffic, fewer public transport options called for longer wait at the bus stops. Buses were plying on all routes but frequency was significantly less. “I kept waiting for a bus will to arrive instead of taking a share autorickshaw. But, now I am stuck,” said Jyothi A, who had to wait at Vadapalani bus terminus for nearly an hour with her three-year-old daughter.

Several cabs and autorickshaw drivers said they stayed off the roads fearing damage to their vehicles. Cab drivers despite receiving several bookings carefully chose bookings selecting routes that were free of protests. A number of commuters, complained of cancellations from cab drivers after several minutes of booking. “I was receiving many bookings in the morning but had to cancel a few of them fearing violence on the route. By afternoon when the protests had subsided I made the most of the high bookings and less traffic,” said a cab driver in T Nagar.
The shortage in cabs, surprisingly did not lead to spiked prices. “I took an Ola auto to Nungambakkam at the same rate that I do daily. But the waiting time for cabs was high,” said C Meera.

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Cabs a letdown, commuters deal with auto’s surge pricing | Chennai News – Times of India.