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Car deals: How to get a discount on a new car or truck | USA Today

With new-vehicle prices near all-time highs, it might feel like there aren’t any good deals to be had.

Prices averaged nearly $36,000 in August – slightly below their all-time high, according to Cox Automotive – but blame expensive SUVs and pickups for that pricey trend. There are other types cars and many exceptions to the rule.

Quite simply, deals are out there if you know where to look.

As September comes to a close, many dealers are well into “selldown” mode – the period when they are trying to get rid of current model-year vehicles to make way for the next year’s lineup. That often leads to deals for outgoing models.

To be sure, deals can be highly local. For example, people affected by the volcanic eruption in Hawaii are being offered special pricing by local dealers, according to deal-tracking firm AIS Rebates.

But some truths are virtually absolute in car shopping these days: Generally speaking, anyone willing to buy a passenger car can probably find a decent price, if only because so many shoppers are flocking to crossovers, SUVs and pickups.

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Car deals: How to get a discount on a new car or truck.

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