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The mobile unit of Cambodian conglomerate Royal Group, Cellcard, has slashed prices as it expands and upgrades its network nationwide, prompting allegations of predatory pricing. In an exclusive interview with Khmer Times’ Vincent MacIsaac, Cellcard CEO Ian Watson rebuts these allegations, explaining they are part of Royal Group’s strategy for transforming the kingdom into a regional “techno hub”.

KT: Cellcard has been accused of predatory pricing since launching new offers this year that give customers as much as $250 worth of service for $1. What is your response to this?

Mr. Watson: Let’s just say that when the competition reacts it’s a sign they are worried, and we did get quite a reaction. As a result we have had meetings with the TRC [The Telecommunications Regulator of Cambodia] to discuss these issues.

The TRC has a duty to ensure fair competition in the market, so it is not surprising that when there is a price disruption they will investigate.

We welcome this. Cellcard has always respected the laws and regulations that ensure, among other things, a fair and competitive market.

We have provided documentation from an independent auditor refuting charges we are selling services below cost. We have also explained the vision and strategy behind our pricing strategy, as well as the timing of its implementation. In fact, our new prices have been so profitable that we are planning even more valuable offers in the future.

Competitors are also following suit, though I believe our offers are still the most valuable for subscribers and in terms of our bottom line we are benefitting too.

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