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Change Management in Pricing | Stephan M. Liozu, Ph.D.

The world is changing. Business is changing at the speed of light. Business complexity increases, environmental dynamics evolve, and competitive strategies are continuously reshaped. One thing is for sure: change is the only constant! And the pace of change is accelerating. The field of pricing is not immune to change.

New pricing technologies emerge every year and disrupt the way we price products and services (price optimization, dynamic pricing, scientific segmentation, CPQ, multi-channel pricing). Pricing and competitive pressure have definitely intensified since 2009. Pricing professionals are asked to do more with less and increase their level of productivity by quickly adopting some of the latest technologies, methods, strategies available to them. More and more, pricing professionals have to act as change agents to deploy these pricing innovations and to collaborate with project managers to ensure deployment success. In order to do this, they have to become aware of and proficient in change management techniques as well as understand the importance of change leadership skills.

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Change Management in Pricing.

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