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Cheep Beer and the Psychology of PlayStation Now Pricing | The Psychology of Video Games

Psychologists studying consumer choice call this an “attraction effect.” It happens when one choice dominates another by being mostly similar to it, but better on at least one important aspect. The reason, as usual, is because of how our brains are wired. We simply aren’t very good at evaluating things in absolute terms, like the value of having access to a game for a certain amount of time relative to how much it will cost. Instead, we are biased towards making comparisons between things that are most similar and ignoring or devaluing other choices for the sake of simplicity. The third choice –the premium beer for in the example avove– gets undervalued for the sake of making the decision simpler.

As you’re probably guessing at this point, the PlayStation Now pricing structure also uses a decoy to trigger the attraction effect. Look again at Darksiders II, which is currently priced thusly:3

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Cheep Beer and the Psychology of PlayStation Now Pricing.

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