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Chicago startup Fixer.com is the Uber for home repair | Tech Startups

Unlike Uber, all of their staff, “fixers,” as the company calls them, are full time employees. “All of our fixers, the handymen and handywomen we employ, are full-time employees with benefits,” said Evans, adding that Fixer will also offer equity stakes to employees at every level. Fixer.com’s mission is to offer superior customer experiences while we create skilled employment paths in the building trades for men and women nationwide. For now, their focus is in the following specialties: Home Repairs, Drywall, Painting, Staining, Electrical, Plumbing, Caulking, Tile, Installation, Assembly, To Do Lists, Punch Lists, Customer Service, Handyman, and Home Services.

Using Fixer is also very easy. All a customer has to do is to submit a request via their website. Their pricing is also very affordable compared to the traditional handymen. Fixer charges a rate of $80 – 100 per hour per Fixer, depending on availability. After the first hour, all jobs are prorated by the minute. So, for example, if your job takes 1 hour and 5 minutes to complete, you only pay $86.65. You will always know your guaranteed hourly rate before booking your time slot and can often find lower rates at busy times by looking a few days to a week in advance. You need to contact them pricing for job that may require more than one Fixer.

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Chicago startup Fixer.com is the Uber for home repair | Tech Startups.