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Asean master tourism trainer Y.S Chan, who conducts training for taxi drivers and also writes regularly on tourism, training, transportation and taxi issues, summed it up perfectly saying, “Every new taxi app rolled out has been touted as state of the art, and there is no doubt technology keeps getting better.

“But the reality remains that customers are price-conscious and place service as secondary in their list of priorities, as drivers using the apps provide more or less the same standard of service.”

Chan said the key to attracting customers was to charge lower than regulated fares, as Uber and Grab are using private cars.

PICKnGo executive director Valerie Chan is aware of the challenges, saying: “We complement the market during peak hours when surge pricing is in effect. Our rates are the same 24 hours a day.”

She said the company also took calls via the telephone through its call centre as it believed that a personal touch was also important, a channel preferred by passengers who were less IT-savvy or from the older generation.

The same sentiment was shared by EzCab executive director Aleeshah Abdullah, who added that their fares were lower as they did not practise surge pricing.

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