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Congestion pricing is the fair way to fix traffic | Mobility Lab

Congestion pricing has become the topic du jour among transportation planners and decision-makers alike, but for the sake of this article, we’ll refer to it as mobility pricing.

Mobility pricing can take many forms, whether it’s charging a fee for driving through downtown or a variable pricing structure that adjusts to peak demand. For major metropolitan areas, it’s an opportunity to manage the transportation network while generating revenue streams that can be reinvested directly into the local system.

But it’s also extremely controversial. While other cities have successfully implemented pricing programs, it remains untested in North America. In most cities, people can drive downtown for free. And who wants to pay for something that was free?

Unfortunately, when lots of people drive through cities at no cost, it creates congestion. But when elected officials propose mobility pricing as a solution, they face intense backlash. One major point of contention is that mobility pricing is unfair, especially for lower-income drivers, who can’t afford to live near their jobs, near a reliable transit option, or need to rely on their cars for work.

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