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Congestion Pricing: Is There a Perfect Technology Solution? | Government Technology

The technology supporting traffic reduction efforts like congestion pricing largely mirrors toll road technologies, and is poised to venture further into video and GPS-based systems in the future.

Conversations around congestion pricing have picked up as more cities — largely internationally — have adopted the measure as a means to reduce car-related congestion in dense urban areas.

New York City is set to adopt a congestion pricing plan in parts of Manhattan in 2021, where it would cost motorists about $10 to drive south of 60th Street, making it the first U.S. city to adopt such a plan.

Other cities like Los Angeles and the San Francisco area are also eyeing congestion pricing plans. In February, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority voted unanimously to “further explore congestion relief pricing and new mobility fees for ride share companies,” according to an L.A. Metro statement.

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Congestion Pricing: Is There a Perfect Technology Solution?.

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