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Convenience store delivery app comes to New Haven | Yale Daily News

While they were students at Drexel, Gola and Illishayev were fed up with having to make so many trips to the convenience store to get cups, drinks and snacks for parties. As a potential solution, they began drafting a business plan for goPuff.

Gola and Illishayev began hand-delivering items to students around their campus out of the back of their Plymouth Voyager. Only five years later, goPuff is operating in over sixty unique locations with a team of over five hundred employees. The company’s co-founders were listed on the Forbes “30 Under 30: Retail and Ecommerce” list in 2017. Later that year, they were named Target Magazine’s “Target Marketer of the Year.”

“We don’t charge crazy surge pricing because we’re not a courier service, and because we deliver direct instead of picking it up from the store, we deliver fast,” goPuff’s website states. “Our customers are ditching the convenience store to get it goPuffed.”

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Convenience store delivery app comes to New Haven.

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