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Cornell adds fee to fight health care costs | Ithaca Journal

ITHACA – Those not enrolled in the Cornell University health insurance plan will pay a $350 fee starting in the fall as the university searches for ways to keep pace with rising health care costs.

The added health fee charged to those not enrolled in the Cornell Student Health Insurance Plan will augment the current method of paying for health care, which the university said has strained its resources. Currently, Cornell relies on central university resources, funds from SHIP for services delivered to its members, and fees charged at the time of service to individuals, primarily those with private health insurance to pay for student health services.

With the new plan, the fees charged to non-SHIP members will be dropped in favor of a $10 copay for most Gannett Health Services plus the annual fee, a move that Cornell President David Skorton said would help relieve university fiscal challenges and make health care accessible to more students.

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Cornell adds fee to fight health care costs.

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