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Daily on Healthcare:Trump drug price strategy to push generics, pressure foreign countries | Washington Examiner

Trump to highlight generic drugs as key to lowering prices. President Trump on Friday will explain how bringing more generic drugs to the market faster can help lower prices for patients, according to his health chief. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar told a Senate Appropriations Committee hearing that the administration’s goals are to balance “the need to support innovation and the development of the next generation of therapies” with patient access, including affordability. Trump also will use his planned Friday speech to ensure government programs have better tools to negotiate drug prices. Patients, he said, “are being asked to assume more of the costs of drugs when they show up at the pharmacy or get the bill at the hospital or doctor’s office.” Trump is expected to deliver remarks on drug pricing on Friday, with Azar present.

Trump to also push foreign countries to pay more. Azar said  the administration would be “going after this question of foreign governments that free-ride off of American innovation.”

He signaled that the U.S. would not be heading in the same direction as some of these other countries, in which the government plays a more prominent role in setting drug prices, but would use the current elements that already exist, including approaches to “make them better so we pay less and of course get foreign governments to pay more.”

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Daily on Healthcare:Trump drug price strategy to push generics, pressure foreign countries.

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