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As dairy farmers, we find ourselves looking for answers to our low prices. Whether you have 25 cows or 5,000 cows, we’re often operating below the cost of production. It also doesn’t matter what region of the U.S. in which a person is dairying; experts claim that most dairies are $2 per hundredweight below cost of production.

Farmers are generally an optimistic group. Farming is a labor of love and emotion plays a huge role in our decision-making. But as profits continue to decrease, farmers evaluate the dairy economy and its future.

As some of you know, I serve as the board chairman at Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin, the local checkoff organization. I hear a lot of questions about what the checkoff is doing and I want to give some insight.

Can’t you get us a better price?
My livelihood comes from my farm. Believe me, I want better prices, too. I hear from my dairy farmer friends who want to know how the checkoff is helping. This is a very reasonable question in relation to where markets are today.

Unfortunately, the checkoff does not set or influence price or supply. The checkoff also can’t lobby for or against any legislation. We can promote, educate and research to grow demand for Wisconsin milk. I encourage you to learn more about what we do by going to our website or connecting with your district representative.

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Dairy promotion, pricing are separate issues | Guest-opinions | leadertelegram.com.

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