Data Sheet—Amazon’s Whole Foods Pricing Strategy Explained |

Ready, set, go public. Spotify signed a new deal with the third major record label, Warner Music, completing the triple play it needs before going public. Alongside earlier agreements with Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment, the deal should help the streaming giant attain profitability sooner.

How much is that phone in the window? After rumors that the price of Apple’s new high-end iPhone might be as high as $1,500, the New York Times reported on Thursday that the device will start at about $999, in the same league with Samsung’s new $950 Galaxy Note 8. Apple is also going to update its long-neglected Internet video box, the Apple TV. Bloomberg reports that the update, the first since 2015, will feature 4K resolution, better integration with live TV, and, hopefully, a brand new remote control to replace the misfire Apple created last time around.

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Data Sheet—Amazon’s Whole Foods Pricing Strategy Explained |

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