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De Beers to Begin Selling Lab-Created Stones | Pret-a-Reporter

If you’ve ever longed for a pair of princess-cut pink diamond studs, but you experience sticker shock over the price of fancy-colored diamonds, Lightbox Jewelry is offering an alternative you may not be able to refuse.

On Tuesday afternoon in New York, De Beers announced the launch of Lightbox by Element Six, a new company that will start selling lab-created diamonds this September, aimed at millennials who may want man-made diamonds for social, ethical or economic reasons. The move was a stunning about-face for De Beers, which controls 30 percent of the world’s supply of mined stones and had vowed to never get into artificial stones, and seemingly an acknowledgement of the momentum of the trend of sustainability in the luxury market.

Lightbox will kick off the collection with earrings (singles and doubles) and necklaces only, each decidedly delicate in styling, and will feature synthetic diamonds in three colors – white, blue and pink – and two cuts: round and princess. Each gem will be set in either sterling silver or 10-karat rose gold.

Stones will be available in four sizes – ¼ carat, ½ carat, ¾ carat and 1 carat – with pricing starting at $200 and topping out at $800 for jewelry featuring single 1-carat synthetic diamonds. Accent details, such as a “halo” of smaller diamonds surrounding a larger stone on a pendant, will cost extra. Additional designs and categories, including rings and bracelets, are expected to follow the initial offerings.

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De Beers to Begin Selling Lab-Created Stones | Pret-a-Reporter.