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Designer dresses for rent requires running the numbers | Sydney Morning Herald

The reason: The dress rental market opens up access to high-end brands for people who might not have previously had the means to buy these items outright. It means everyday people can see a look and replicate it without having to break the budget. More girls can also look good and feel confident – I’m happy I can contribute to that. It’s also a fantastic way to pay off dresses you’ve previously bought.

The money: I have my everyday job so dress rental income goes straight to savings. As a side hustle it’s fairly seasonal depending on the weather and time of the year: for example I rent more in racing or wedding season. Dresses generally rent for $100 per weekend plus dry-cleaning costs.

Transferable skills: My background in finance means I was well placed to run the numbers around how much I needed to start up the side gig and how quickly I’d pay each of the dresses off. I also did a Marketing major at university which has helped me with how I approach advertising and pricing my dresses. Interestingly, the people management skills from my main job are transferable as well – I’m lucky to have built out a great network of renters who come back to me for repeat dress rentals as well as refer me further business.

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Designer dresses for rent requires running the numbers.

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