Did U2 Drop its Kansas City Prices to Meet Lower Demand? | Ticket News

I did a quick internet search and am surprised that no fans are complaining about the fact that U2 ticket prices were lowered sometime recently for upper level side seats from $100 each from the onsale back in June to $35 for similar seats that can be purchased today on Ticketmaster.

I purchased 2 tickets in Sec 346, Row 12 for a total of $239.10 on June 12.

On Ticketmaster today, seats in Sec 346, Row 7 have been reduced to $35 per ticket plus fees (so $102.60 total for 2 tickets). That’s nearly $140 LESS than what they were charging a couple months ago. This is outrageous to me!

Has this been occurring across the country at other U2 events? Is this something specific with Arrowhead Stadium? Doesn’t seem ethical to me that the primary provider can lower prices whenever they see fit, despite poor ticket sales. Am I wrong in my thinking?
We looked up the prices on Ticketmaster.com, and sure enough, tickets in the upper level of the stadium are on offer for $35/each plus fees. We attempted to contact Ticketmaster’s communications staff on Friday morning for clarification on whether or not prices were dropped for the show, as well as whether or not fans who had already purchased at the higher price might see a refund for the difference in the event that had happened.

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Did U2 Drop its Kansas City Prices to Meet Lower Demand?.