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Different prices found for same product on separate devices | KPRC Houston

Doing a search on HomeDepot.com averages $120 per item on desktops. But the same search on an iPhone or Android comes up with $230 per item. And get this — a mobile device only shows you 24 items to choose from. That search on a desktop will show 48 items.

“They appear to have a completely different inventory of products for desktop users versus mobile users,” Wilson said.

Home Depot had the largest price differences in the study, followed by Cheap Tickets , Orbitz , Priceline, Sears, JCPenny and Macy’s.

There are a few tricks to finding the best price if you’re shopping on your desktop: Open up different browsers — maybe Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari. Each browser could potentially give you a different price. Clear your cookies or go into private browser mode.

And don’t make final purchases until you check both your smartphone and desktop for the lowest prices.

“Pricing discrimination is just something, unfortunately, we kind of have to deal with,” Elledge said.

Local 2 also found slight price differences between shopping with an iPhone versus Andrioid. Buying a product from an Android phone will cost you an average of 40 cents more than if you buy the exact same product from an iPhone.

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Different prices found for same product on separate devices.

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