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Discussion: Anchor Price For Negotiations (Cartoon) | Dilbert by Scott Adams

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That’s a dollar a minute with a web browser. If this negotiation continues for only 27,495 minutes more, that anchor price could be more reasonable.

Just shared with our marketing and sales people. They already do this intuitively game playing because its their nature. Dilbert just let the negotiator know that he’s immune to this type of manipulation.

This cartoon bugged me because of the assumption that experience and education don’t matter, you’ve got the Internet. It also bugged me that an engineer was negotiating. That’s not their bleeping job. They might be in a session as part of a team, but by themselves? Maybe that’s what we’re progressing towards, why bother with schooling or experience. Scott may have been being ironic, but it still bugged me. Probably because negotiation was a big part of my job and I spent 30 years learning it.

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