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Discussion: Chinese New Year Beer Promotional Pricing | Deepak Sood


Deepak SoodPricing Professional having 15+ years experience in B2B/B2C space within IT and FMCG industries.

I am at Giant right now and my eyes fell on this CNY offer from Tiger.

Am I the only one here finding a big issue in Bundle price offer between 10 can pack and 30 can pack Tiger?

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Eric R. Robles, I improve sales efficiencies and support growth initiatives through Commercial Excellence, Sales Enablement, and Pricing

For some reason, they don’t want their bundle offer to drive volume 🙂

Janice Teng, Pricing & Costing Manager
Haha. That’s so obvious to us, but unsurprisingly there are people that dont notice it!

Emm, maybe the expiry period is the culprit?

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Chinese New Year Beer Promotional Pricing | Deepak Sood.

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