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Discussion: Designers speak out on Adobe price controversy

ph.logo.sublogos.news.white-DISCUSSIONWhat do CC users think about paying different rates depending on how they accessed Adobe’s site?

Sorry guys! Usually on a Friday we tend to avoid the heavy stuff, and get you in the mood for the weekend with something like a fun quiz or a look at the latest Lego creation.

But today there was one serious news story we couldn’t avoid reporting on: the fact that Adobe is openly offering different prices for its subscription services depending what browser/device they’re using. (The fix seems to be to flush your cookies or use private browsing, but that’s little comfort for anyone who’s already paid a higher price for their subscription).

As expected, the reaction from the designer community has been swift and damning, and the controversy has opened up a huge can of worms around the subject of Adobe’s pricing model. Here we’ve picked a selection of tweets, which offer a fascinating insight into the different perspectives on the controversy…

Top Comments

Adobe has been making lots of mistakes, starting with outsourcing orders and support. The inconsistent pricing was the last straw for me and I voted “no” by not playing along. Edius works just fine for me. Edius pricing is consistent, multi am works better than Premiere, support is US based, it works better in some ways, so I’m not playing Adobe’s CC game.

Since CC I’ve stopped using Photoshop – Clip Studio Paint is much, much better for the kind of illustration I do, and a hell of a lot cheaper. The only program I haven’t replaced is Illustrator, though I’m keeping an eye out for alternatives.

The subscription only pricing of CC has been a major turn off for me – my original concern was that they could jack up the price, or arbitrarily restrict features to different payment tiers at any time they choose to do so. This latest move doesn’t inspire confidence.


What a joke. How far do Adobe have to go before people finally realize creative cloud ‘only’ is an incredibly bad deal for the users. It’s completely about generating profit. Good luck trying to open important project files created in CC in 4 years time. Who knows how much the monthly cost will be then?

Cs6 is still fine. Designers need CC-Only to fail miserably before all other software companies follow suite. Perpetual licenses don’t suit everyone but neither does perpetual renting.

FYI I have a creative cloud subscription, because i was given a volume licensing deal of $10.94 per YEAR. They can set whatever price they want. They just want to lock people in long enough so that it would cost you more to move to another digital tool because all your professional library is locked in the cloud.

*by “locked in the cloud” I mean, you do not have the ability to open your project files without paying a subscription fee.

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Designers speak out on Adobe price controversy.

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