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Discussion: Everyday Things Women Pay More For Than Men (Video) | BuzzFeed


We recently took a trip to Target and found huge price differences between the same products for men and women.


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The difference is how men shop…we look at the price and shop accordingly. We don’t care if a bottle of shampoo smells like an unicorn’s ass, as long as it’s in a big bottle and cheap. The most effective way to stop this price difference is to speak with your wallets…stop buying them.

Mens socks & underwear costs definitely make up for the price difference in these products. I work in retail & the men’s prices are outrageous compared to women’s.


I assume that a detailed study was done to check that the items in this were identical apart from the pricing yes? The fitted women’s t-shirt was identical to the thin, see through, multipack t-shirt, in every way but the price? No? You mean that maybe the products may have been different as well as the prices? Well I’ll be damned…

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Everyday Things Women Pay More For Than Men.

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