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“Rule of thumb regarding these batteries is: half the size, double the capacity, four times the price,” said Teubner.

“Yes, the lithium-ions have a much longer service life, but the price tag is almost prohibitively expensive, therefore people tend to purchase the considerably cheaper standard lead-acid / AGM+Gel batteries.”

He said South Africans can expect to pay a lot more than the quoted US prices for the Tesla Powerwall locally.

Local pricing will need to include transportation costs, import duties, and profit margins for the dealers.

Teubner said Sinetech already supplies lithium-ion batteries, but the demand for these batteries in South Africa is low because of the high price.

“People are mostly buying the fully-sealed AGM + Gel VRLA High Cycle and Deep Cycle batteries, which are available at very competitive prices.”

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It’s amazing how many people forget that only a few years ago, the ‘experts’ were saying how expensive solar power was because of the cost of the panels and so on. This really hurt in a country like South Africa where we have wall-to-wall sunshine (in most areas). Now the price of the panels has come down exponentially – and of course we have the Eishkom issue – suddenly everyone’s thinking of getting some. The same should happen with Musk’s batteries – they’ll come down in price and the technology will improve even more so we’ll get to the situation where you wonder why anybody doubted it. I think it’s fantastic and I’m really looking forward to 2021/3/4 when Medupi is perhaps finally finished and no one will want the power it’s producing because we’ve all gone sustainable. That would be poetic justice plus.

Don’t confuse solar and backup. You could have outage 4-6 pm this afternoon and 6-8 am again tomorrow – solar will not have been there to recharge. Your system must be able to recharge the battery system in say 8 hours from the grid

If the sun happens to shine, then it’ll just reduce how much you pull from grid

As to Tesla it is priced for the apsirationalists that failed math at school and MUST have one, NOW

You can easily do less sexy system that will run all lights and most plugs (no aircon underfloor poolpump or geyser) through a typical loadshed, for say R35k. Tesla will be trree times that at least once you add margins and inverters and installation

lol @ Yung Chen. I think I know the concept of all those you have mentioned. But question still remains – South Africans earns less than Americans and when these products come into our shore with all the value (margin) added chains and we end up paying 2 to 3 times more than the country of origins. If some of the electronics we can pay are on par with elsewhere in the world and you still receive the services and guarantee, surely it can also be achieved if it is just a little bit more expensive than the price in the US. I am afraid it is more of the GREED in this country like our government which just want to milk us. and sadly only less than 10% of the general public can afford this kind of investment… so please… it has anything to do with demand and supply and not necessary apply to all global moved product… Why dont you go and do a search on many IT (laptop or printer) related product and you will see how much the prices are in line globally supplied by the international vendors?

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