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Discussion: Uber CEO says new feature will tell customers when surge pricing ends

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Surge pricing, which raises fares steeply during periods of high demand, has been in place since the service launched but gained renewed attention in late 2013, when prices rose to $35 a mile. Regardless of whether the move was economically sound, it wasn’t popular, and Uber was accused of price gouging. Not long after, however, Uber lowered fares for its cheapest service in 16 markets, attempting to appeal to people who weren’t wooed by its relatively luxurious but higher-priced options. This new feature will hopefully be added soon, although there’s no exact timeline given.

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I don’t get why people complain about surge pricing. In a period of high demand, if you have a problem paying more simply call the cab company and deal with the super long wait but standard fares. I’d rather have the option to be able to pay more but not wait, even if I’m not going to be exercising that option frequently.

It annoyed me because I was planning on using Uber, told my friends I’d get an Uber, and suddenly the price tripled. Then the first car canceled and when I got a second one it was quadruple.

So I just stopped planning on using Uber. It’s great for them that/if this works to their economic benefit, and the rest of you get to happily have less competition leading to surge pricing, so everyone wins. Except maybe Uber, since I also don’t plan on using Uber during non surge times. So there is that; probably what Uber’s CEO is trying to avoid with this new thing.


What many people don’t understand is that Uber can either get you a car for sure, or a price for sure. Traditional cabs have inconsistent availability, but consistent price. Uber has consistent availability, but inconsistent pricing. It’s two different ways to run the cab business.


Are you cool when gasoline prices spike around the holidays? Or how would you feel if your energy company raised the natural gas price rate during the cold months when you need heat in your home the most so more people are using gas? Perhaps we should build a fire on the floor in our living room?

Waaaaaitaminute, do you even pay bills?

More Here: http://www.theverge.com/2014/2/24/5442974/uber-ceo-says-new-feature-will-tell-customers-when-surge-pricing-ends

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