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Disney’s Hulu Strategy Is Emerging | The Motley Fool

Differentiation and synergy
Disney has been saying the same thing for a while regarding the difference between Disney+ and Hulu. The former be more family friendly, while the latter will have a larger selection of content for mom and dad.

There are some reasons to be a little wary of this approach — Netflix doesn’t divide its offerings in any such way, and some of Disney’s content, like PG-13 Marvel Studios films, would toe the line a bit on the “family friendly” front — but the issues feel a little less dire in light of Disney’s pricing scheme. Hulu recently dropped its on-demand service’s price, and Disney+ is undercutting Netflix significantly (Disney+ will boast a much larger library than what Netflix offers, too). The two subscriptions combined only cost about as much as what subscribers currently pay for Netflix’s most popular plan.

In this light, Disney’s strategy looks like an a la carte pricing model for what, differing brand names aside, could be considered a two-part competitor to Netflix’s unified offering.

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Disney’s Hulu Strategy Is Emerging.

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