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Disney’s New Pricing Strategy Meets Mixed Feelings | GET

A new pricing system at Disney is being met with mixed reactions. Insiders were already on alert when Disney announced that it would be introducing seasonal pricing two years ago. That move used a demand-based system to set the cost for one-day tickets at Disney parks. Many believed that seasonal pricing was merely making way for a pricing system that was even more specific. Disney has now announced that it will be introducing a new pricing model for its Florida parks that sets prices based on date-specific demand.

Disney’s new date-based pricing plan will set prices in advance based on visitor history. That means that it will cost more to visit parks on days that have historically had lots of visitors. Days that have experienced lulls will be priced lower. One bit of good news is that Disney’s booking platform will actually provide guests with the option to search for the cheapest times to visit parks.

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Disney’s New Pricing Strategy Meets Mixed Feelings.

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