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Dodgers’ New ‘Dynamic Pricing’ For Seats Has Some Fans Crying ‘Foul’ | CBS Los Angeles

“Every time I tried to purchase tickets, they were sold out,” Patti Rivero told CBS2 News. She was all decked out in her Dodger blues and feeling the blues Friday, the first day tickets for this upcoming season became available.

“It hurts when you’re a devoted fan and you want to go to the games, and sometimes the prices are ridiculous,” Rivero laments.

She’s not wrong. With the Dodgers’ popularity still soaring following their unsuccessful World Series run against the Houston Astros last year, the high demand is driving up prices.

It’s also the result of the team’s new “dynamic” or “variable ticket” pricing.

MLB.com explained it like this:

“This year, the pricing employs a four-tiered system, with games grouped by stars. The more stars, the more expensive the tickets.”

For example, seats next to the bullpen for the April 21 game against the Nationals, which also happens to be bobble head night, will cost $80. For the same seats four days later, when the Dodgers play the Marlins and no one is getting a bobble head, tickets will cost $33.

In the aforementioned article, David Siegel, senior director of ticket sales said, “We believe the pricing encourages fans to explore the benefits of being a season-seat holder,” versus buying single tickets.

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Dodgers’ New ‘Dynamic Pricing’ For Seats Has Some Fans Crying ‘Foul’ « CBS Los Angeles.