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Don’t forget upcoming Webinar on the 17th: Pricing in New Product Development – From Afterthought to Integral Part of the Process | PriceBeam

If you haven’t signed up yet for our exciting webinar on the 17th, there is still time.

This webinar will cover how to take pricing into consideration sooner in the product development process and thus develop new products or services that better match what the market is demanding and is willing to pay for.

Participants and viewers will learn about:

  • How to use pricing and willingness-to-pay research to create new products or services that have higher success rates once launched
  • How to integrate willingness-to-pay research in the product design process
  • How to better understand what prospective customers actually value, and what they don’t value
  • How to test different concepts for market viability and ability to achieve solid prices in the market place.

The webinar will be January 17th, 2019, at 2p.m. BST, 3p.m. CET, 9am ET. All registered participants will be able to view the webinar as a recording after the 17th.

Consumer Goods – New Market Product Launch WTP Study

  • US Launch price for new consumer product
  • Original price planned > $7.99
  • PriceBeam Research > $9.99, but add differentiated product
    • Basic version > $9.99
    • Premium version > 14.99
  • Effective price improvement: 43%


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