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Drake Addresses OVO Fest Ticket Price Complaints | Rap-Up

Drake brought OVO Fest back to his city, but not everyone was able to attend.

Some fans took to social media to complain about the high ticket prices at the 9th annual festival in Toronto. One in particular took to Instagram to call out Drake for not being a “6 God at all” for reportedly charging over $1,000 for tickets to his hometown fest.

“Drake charges 1000+ for a concert in his city but shows up to schools in the US and hands out money to random people and etc …. This guy is not a 6 God at all.,” wrote the fan.

The comment caught Drizzy’s attention. He responded to the criticism, saying he was not responsible for resale pricing. “I can control a lot of things but I can’t control resale prices shordeeeee,” he wrote.

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Drake Addresses OVO Fest Ticket Price Complaints | Rap-Up.

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