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Drastically amended ‘Share The Rebate’ prescription bill OK’d | watchdog.org

The revised SB 282 advanced by the House Government Affairs Committee Thursday also delays implementation until 2020 and removes the state’s insurance commission’s capacity to enforce the rebate program through penalties and legal actions.

These changes were included in 11 amendments presented to the panel by Jim Delatte, a Louisiana Board of Drug and Device Distributor board appointee. Committee Chairman Rep. Michael Danahay, D-Sulphur, said Delatte was “authorized” to explain the bill and its amendments to the panel after introducing himself as a “representative of the Biotechnology Innovation Organization” (BIO), a trade association that supports 1,200 biotechnology companies in more than 30 nations.

“These were compromise amendments worked out with opponents,” Delatte said.

The Senate, in approving the bill in a 37-0 vote, disqualified the state’s 470,000 Medicaid recipients from participating, although those enrolled in the Medicare Part D coverage gap discount program, in which manufacturers offer 50 percent point-of-sale (POS) discounts off negotiated prices of prescription drugs, are eligible.

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Drastically amended ‘Share The Rebate’ prescription bill OK’d | Louisiana | watchdog.org.

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