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Drug middlemen clash with FDA over blame for high prices | Washington Examiner

“Contrary to today’s remarks, pharmacy benefit managers have long been strong supporters of bipartisan legislation that would prevent brand drug manufacturer abuses of risk evaluation and mitigation strategies that block generic competition,” according to a statement from the PBM group Pharmaceutical Care Management Association.

The Campaign for Sustainable Rx Pricing, an advocacy group that has PBMs and insurers among its members, also cried foul.

“REMS abuses are all too real and cost Americans billions of dollars each year,” spokesman Will Holley said. “But the blame lies with the minority of branded companies that abuse the system to thwart generic competition, not with PBMs.”

Congress is eyeing bipartisan legislation called the CREATES Act that would clamp down on REMS abuses.

Gottlieb’s comments are the latest to target PBMs and insurers for their role in keeping drug prices high.

He said a few weeks ago that insurers and drug plans were playing “shell games” with drug pricing.

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Drug middlemen clash with FDA over blame for high prices.