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Drugmaker Won’t Put Price in TV Ads, But Patients Can Look It Up | Bloomberg

Eli Lilly & Co. won’t put the price of its prescription drugs in television ads, as the Trump administration has called for pharmaceutical companies to do, but will instead offer patients a link to a website with information about prescription costs.

Starting Tuesday morning, the Indianapolis-based maker of popular diabetes treatments will start airing television ads touting the website lillypricinginfo.com, along with a toll-free telephone number. The site will have information about drug list prices, patient assistance programs and average patient cost for medicine.

The first ad will be for the injectable diabetes drug Trulicity, which costs $730 for a month’s supply. Trulicity had estimated sales of $3.19 billion last year, making it the company’s biggest blockbuster.

As part of a push to lower drug costs for Americans, the Trump administration has proposed requiring drugmakers to put the list price of their products in advertisements. That would, the administration has said, help pressure them into lowering the list prices that can factor into co-pays and other cost-sharing by some patients.

“Consumers would have much more balanced information, and companies would have a very different set of incentives for setting their prices,” Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said last year, touting the proposal.

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Drugmaker Won’t Put Price in TV Ads, But Patients Can Look It Up – Bloomberg.

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