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Dynamic Pricing at Target Causes Concern | The Motley Fool

A Minneapolis TV station recently reported that Target (NYSE:TGT)  was showing different prices in its app depending on whether the customer was at a Target store or not. KARE says it found that customers using Target’s mobile app got lower prices on products when they were at home than when they pulled into the store’s parking lot and used the app.

Apps for Walmart, Best Buy, and Macy’s didn’t have such discrepancies, according to the station.

KARE found that using the app in the store or its parking lot brought up the prices of products on the shelf, while customers elsewhere saw online prices, which tend to be lower. Target did tell the station that “If a guest finds any item for a lower price across any of the ways they can shop Target, we’ll price match it.”

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Dynamic Pricing at Target Causes Concern.

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