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East Texas hospitals discuss new price transparency requirement [Video] | KLTV

TYLER, TX (KLTV) – A new hospital price transparency rule went into effect at the first of the year. but just how helpful is the new requirement?

For the most part, East Texas hospitals we talked to say while they support transparency, this is a complex issue that might not be easy for patients to understand. So here’s the deal. The prices you can now find on a hospital’s website is the list prices. This is like a suggested retail price for a car manufacturers. The problem is that the list price is rarely the price you’ll end up paying.

UT Health East Texas sent us the following statement in response to the new requirements:

While we support greater transparency around hospital pricing, billing for medical services is a complex issue and the information hospitals are required to post provides only a snapshot of a much larger picture. We urge patients to use the information posted on our website and other hospital websites as a starting point for determining their financial responsibility. It’s important to know the prices listed represent the hospital’s gross charges for a service and do not include discounts negotiated by insurance companies or those provided to qualifying self-pay patients. Therefore, in most cases, the patient’s financial responsibility for these services is much lower than the posted price.

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East Texas hospitals discuss new price transparency requirement.

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