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eBay buys predictive analytics company SalesPredict | VatorNews

SalesPredict helps helps B2B companies increase revenue by identifying who their best potential prospects and accounts are, and providing insights that improve conversion rates and accelerate sales cycles. Now eBay wants to take that expertise and apply it to getting the best conversion rates from its own customers.

“As eBay continues its focus on developing the world’s largest product catalog, the acquisition of SalesPredict will help us better understand what inventory we should surface and which product attributes we should emphasize,” a spokesperson from eBay told me.

For buyers, SalesPredict’s predictive analytics will help eBay surface more targeted, relevant offers with relevant information for buyers. And, it will help the company better understand the price differentiating attributes of our products. For sellers, by applying SalesPredict’s predictive analytics capabilities to eBay’s vast array of data, it will help the company “build out the predictive models that can define the probability of selling a given product, at a given price over time.”

“We believe we can provide better guidance, particularly to our C2C sellers. This includes providing sellers with parameters that match price to audience and market.  Additionally, eBay will be able to better guide our sellers to fill in certain information during the listing flow process to help them achieve a better selling outcome,” I was told.

As for what will happen to SalesPredict going forward, the eBay spokesperson told me that, when the deal closes, which is expected to happen this year, “both SalesPredict and its brand will become fully integrated into eBay.”

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eBay buys predictive analytics company SalesPredict | VatorNews.

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