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Energy Observers Calls for Fuel Price Hike Transparency | Indonesian News Portal

“If the non-subsidized fuel price increased, people will use the subsidized ones,” he said.

Marwan said the increasing prices of non-subsidized fuels Pertamax (RON 92), Pertamax Turbo (RON 98), Dex (CN 53), and Dexlite (CN 51) will have impacts on inflation. However, he predicted that the impact would not be significant.

As long as the gap between the non-subsidized and subsidized fuel prices remains close, Marwan claimed, people will still afford using Pertamax. However, people will again considerate subsidized fuel if the increased price is high enough.

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The government, Marwan went on, must also keep the policies related to the fuel price hike remain transparent. The transparency includes international geopolitical conditions and the law of demand and supply.

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Energy Observers Calls for Fuel Price Hike Transparency | National | Tempo.Co :: Indonesian News Portal.