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In the case of ERP pricing models, any cost consideration can offer a daunting challenge whether it’s a first systems purchase, an active operational upgrade, or a holistic migration from one platform to another. Therefore, in order to insure that effective value formulas are applied, a reasonable way to consider a purchase is to reflect on the scale of an enterprise first, since many times less is more, particularly when it comes to small business technology.

For example, if one is a small operator offering even a reasonable IT capability, cost and capability must be considered to be highly-critical decision elements, since in this case any move one makes can have a direct impact on daily financial operations. On the other hand, however, if one is a technologies manager at a mid or large-scale company, while any ERP cost estimation should always be considered carefully, as a practical matter, the sheer size of enterprise resources tend to insulate less-than-efficient cost decision-making, even though hidden impacts may create larger problems downstream.

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ERP Software Pricing Models Explained.

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