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Etihad Is Starting To Price The Residence More Reasonably | One Mile at a Time

As you’d expect, The Residence is bloody expensive. For example, a one-way ticket from New York to Abu Dhabi will set you back over $29,000.

Recently I wrote about how not all tickets in The Residence are too insanely priced. For example, a ticket from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai costs ~$3,000. That’s still a lot of money for a three hour flight, and you certainly won’t be able to get the full experience, but you will get the full ground product, etc.

However, what’s interesting is that there’s even a bit of variability in pricing for The Residence on longhaul flights.

Specifically, originally it wasn’t really possible to get a “deal” on The Residence. I’ve written in the past about how it can be a better deal to book a first or business class ticket out of Cairo, Egypt or Colombo, Sri Lanka. For example, a Cairo to Dubai to Los Angeles first class ticket on Emirates might cost ~$2,000, while a first class ticket just from Dubai to Los Angeles might cost ~$20,000.

So with The Residence, there haven’t really been fares lower than just the nonstop cost of a ticket. However, that doesn’t seem to consistently be the case anymore. Now, don’t get too excited, it’s still expensive, but it is an interesting trend.

As stated above, a one-way ticket in The Residence from New York to Abu Dhabi costs $29,000+.

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Etihad Is Starting To Price The Residence More Reasonably – One Mile at a Time.

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