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EU southern alliance on drug pricing expands | EURACTIV.com

Yannis Natsis, Policy Manager at the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA), hailed the adhesion of Slovenia and Croatia in the group as a promising development.

“With Beneluxa, the Valletta Declaration Group etc governments are simply getting organised. It is their response to the ‘divide and rule’ strategy pharmaceutical companies have been pursuing for years and a direct result of the unreasonably high prices drug manufacturers are charging,” he said.

Natsis added that 2018 is the year these initiatives “prove their game-changing potential”.

The purpose of the meeting in Spain was to renew the “political agreement” among these countries and proceed to the technical preparation of the next steps in order to jointly evaluate and negotiate the prices of new medicines coming to Europe.

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EU southern alliance on drug pricing expands – EURACTIV.com.