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Other investors in the “Uber for Trucking” company include Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, and Marc Benioff, founder and CEO of Salesforce, as well as Greylock Partners. The Seattle-based company, founded by CEO Daniel Lewis and chief technology officer Grant Goodale, has raised more than $80 million to date in three rounds of investment.

Convoy began beta-testing in and around Washington state two years ago and has expanded its network of carriers, which now includes more than 10,000 trucking companies across the United States. The Convoy platform generates unique pricing for loads that is guaranteed for shippers and carriers, and promises to pay drivers within 24 hours of completing a delivery.

The ability to obtain dynamic pricing, and pricing transparency, were factors that attracted Anheuser-Busch. “Over the last two years or so we’ve focused our attention on new innovation in technology within the trucking sphere, looking at areas such as dynamic pricing, price hedging,” Soeters said. “Transparency among drivers, brokers, and shippers, we believe in that.”

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Even largest shippers struggle with real-time visibility.