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Everlane’s pay-what-you-want sale | Business Insider

Everlane’s latest sale lets shoppers select the price they wish to pay, Fashionista reports.

In a choose-your-own adventure twist, shoppers are presented with three prices for each item on sale.

For instance, the Slim Trouser(pictured right; originally $98) are available for $47, $56, or $89.

But Everlane silently presents you with a moral quandary.

The lowest price comes with a cost: shame.

The nicely discounted $47 option, according to the company’s website, does not grant Everlane a profit.

Given the company’s ethos of transparency, Everlane does not shy away from letting you know where your money goes.

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Everlane’s pay-what-you-want sale – Business Insider.