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Famous Writers Unite Against Amazon And Hachette | Business Insider

He too had never known writers so angry. “That’s the thing that’s different this time – we’ve seen writers take sides which is remarkable and deeply worrying for Amazon. Becoming widely known as book author-unfriendly is not a great place for Amazon to be.”

Amazon has tried to win round the authors who, in one statement, it labeled as Hachette’s “human shields”. Earlier this month it proposed giving authors 100% of royalties while the impasse continued – a move rebuffed by Hachette.

The company says it is fighting for better prices for its customers. In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal Russ Grandinetti, senior vice-president of Kindle content, said: “This discussion is all about ebook pricing. The terms under which we trade will determine how good the prices are that we can offer customers.”

Amazon has also had support from self-publishing authors. Hugh Howey, something of a poster boy for self-publishing, was one of those behind a petition on Change.org supporting Amazon for creating a level playing field and characterizing Hachette as the bad guys. Under the title ‘Stop fighting low prices and fair wages’ it had, on Thursday, 7,367 signatures.

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Famous Writers Unite Against Amazon And Hachette.

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