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Feedback App Lets Restaurants Pick Their Off-Peak Pricing | The Spoon

If you’ve ever been to a restaurant between two and five o’clock, chances are pretty good that you walked into a near-empty establishment, with servers, hosts and kitchen staff waiting around until the dinner rush.

Feedback wants to make those off-peak hours more productive by giving restaurants the ability to offer dynamic pricing and discounts to entice more customers and reduce food waste. Based in Toronto, Feedback is a mobile app that gives consumers time-specific deals on meals at participating restaurants. All meals are for pick-up at the restaurant; they don’t offer delivery.

Once a restaurant is on-boarded into the Feedback platform, managers can go in and adjust pricing to set up special deals during slow times of the day. Restaurants can even limit the quantity of the deal (e.g. first 20 burritos are half off) to best fit their economics.

Feedback isn’t the only startup using dynamic pricing for social good. Across the border in New York, Gebni uses AI to help restaurants identify different pricing opportunities in an effort to make restaurant quality food more affordable to more people.

I’m actually surprised we don’t see more dynamic pricing startups like Feedback and Gebni trying this out in densely populated areas. It seems like a pretty straightforward way for restaurants to add more revenue and reduce food waste.

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Feedback App Lets Restaurants Pick Their Off-Peak Pricing | The Spoon.