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Flexible Parking Tariff: Yield Management in Hamburg, Leipzig and Stuttgart | Parking Network

APCOA is testing dynamic tariffs as a pilot project in three parking facilities equipped with Scheidt & Bachmann systems. The car park operator is hoping that this will open up new, attractive possibilities for managing its properties in line with demand.

The Hamburg car park in Hanseviertel, the Petersbogen car park in Leipzig and the Neue Brücke garage in Stuttgart are already equipped: Tariff displays above every entry lane. The LED tariff displays are positioned centrally and clearly visible above the respective lane and show a different short-term parking tariff depending on the occupancy of the car park. If only a few parking spaces are occupied, the user parks at a lower price than with high occupancy. APCOA’s Dynamic Pricing model includes five different tariffs. If the user draws a parking ticket when entering the barrier, the currently valid tariff is shown on it and is also valid for the following hours in which he parks.

With this technology, Scheidt & Bachmann supports APCOA in its strategy for digital solutions that make parking more convenient and easier.

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Flexible Parking Tariff: Yield Management in Hamburg, Leipzig and Stuttgart.

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