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Forbes Healthcare Summit Sparks Conversations About Pricing, Innovation in Pharma | BioSpace

Another point that was raised during the summit was what the future neighborhood drugstore may look like. Larry Murlow, CEO of CVS, said that the retail space of the neighborhood stores will likely be dedicated to other services in the future as it moves to change the healthcare model. Murlow suggested that the future drugstore won’t necessarily be seen as a retail store where one can buy medication, but as a “healthcare destination,” a place where they can access the resources and services they need to maintain good health.

As could be expected, pricing of drugs also took center stage during the Forbes summit. Billionaire hedge fund manager John D. Arnold, who has become an outspoken critic of drug prices, was also a guest at the summit. During his conversation with Matthew Herper, Forbes healthcare reporter, Arnold pointed to the failures of Congress to act on drug pricing.

“We live in a country where policy and politics are linked. And in healthcare policy, it’s joined at the hip to politics,” Arnold said.

Arnold noted that the pharma industry has spent about $1 billion on lobbying politicians.

Jim Greenwood, head of Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), responded that the industry wants Congress and other lawmakers to focus on the patient’s experience, which could change the reality of what a patient has to pay out of pocket. He said that’s out-of-pocket expense isn’t the only issue surrounding the very complicated pricing formula. Greenwood said no patient should ever do without medicine.

Arnold said the pricing points raised by Greenwood is a sign of market failure.

“I’m looking at this from all of society. And for me, it doesn’t matter if the money is coming from the government, the employer, or the individual—that’s society’s resources. The government is the people. People aren’t getting raises in their jobs because it’s going for benefits,” Arnold said.

Arnold spoke with Herper for about 30 minutes and talked about drug pricing, as well as other things. Arnold has financially backed Civica Rx, a non-profit generic drug company that was announced earlier this year by multiple healthcare systems. As Biospace reported earlier this year, Civica Rx’s first drug could launch in 2019. The new company is promising transparent pricing without rebates common to the industry.

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Forbes Healthcare Summit Sparks Conversations About Pricing, Innovation in Pharma | BioSpace.

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