Freedom first when it comes to fitness | The New Paper

With close to 50,000 members here uncertain about the future of their paid memberships, the viability of the current rigid pricing structure in the fitness and wellness industry has never been in greater limbo.

Once a statement of discipline, the pricey commitment of a fitness club membership is no longer as enticing as the flexibility and adventure that comes with the freedom to sample a smorgasbord of trendy and exciting fitness activities.

People are now less willing to spend on expensive fitness memberships but more willing to spend on experiences that span a variety of activities.

After all, there should not be a need to splurge on a binding membership when there are plenty of fitness classes available on-demand.

With dwindling membership numbers, fitness clubs, including digital fitness passports, are forced to reckon with under-booked classes and their inability to maximise revenue with dynamic pricing strategies.

With their huge scale and high operating cost, membership-based clubs are less incentivised to adopt such flexible pricing strategies.

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