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Getting the price right on parking | Connect Savannah

But then things changed. Time limits were eliminated, pricing was standardized. People reporting finding available spaces on blocks where it had been historically difficult to park on the street.

What’s more, they were able to pay for extra time via a smartphone app. This resulted in a 17 percent drop in the number of tickets written for overtime parking.

As you might imagine, the townspeople were absolutely furious. That’s because the town I’m writing about is Savannah.

It’s true that all the desirable outcomes described above come at a price. Meter rates have increased and enforcement hours have been extended.

Some folks are rightly concerned about the financial burden this places on hospitality industry workers. Others worry about the safety of waiters and bartenders, with pockets full of tips, walking late at night to cars they left farther away from their workplaces to avoid paying to park.

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