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Going Green: Student’s lawn care business takes root in Ardmore | Ardmoreite

He said another factor in his businesses’ growth is his willingness to do jobs for, at times, pennies on the dollar. His pricing strategy is cutthroat, but that’s not to say he’s being taken advantage of.

Green said that’s the first thing he says when he enters a job with a new client.

“When I go to a yard, I tell them just because I’m a kid doesn’t mean that you’re going to take advantage of me,” he said. “I know what I’m worth and I tell them. No one’s going to do the job as good as we do.”

The competition has taken notice, Green said, and he’s not ashamed to admit to undercutting their bids.

According to Green, some of the prices his rivals charge are ludicrous.

“They charge $1300 dollars to plant a couple trees and a few shrubs,” Green said. “Shoot, I’ll do it for one hundred bucks.”

Though Green’s entrepreneurship in the landscaping business is very much so on the rise, especially for his age, he said his future is aimed at a much more weedy sphere.

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Going Green: Student’s lawn care business takes root in Ardmore.

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