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Google and Amazon trump social influencers | Enterprise Times

Google and Amazon the starting point for shoppers
Search engines are now the start point for many shoppers. According to the survey Google (32%) and Amazon (33%) are the start point for shoppers. This will worry retailers who have invested in their own applications. If consumers are not starting with the app they have built and deployed, they need to change how they work. In a recent interview with Jason Cohen, WP Engine he said that if an app isn’t on the home page, it doesn’t get used.

Interestingly not all searches lead to sales. It turns out that many shoppers will research big ticket items online but still prefer to go into store (63%) to buy. For markets such as furniture this makes sense. Items such as a 3-piece suite are expected to colour coordinate with a room. Going into store allows a customer to make sure they get the right colour. In addition, many furniture stores now match their online pricing with their in-store pricing.

This also makes the case for a clear omni-channel experience. Customers want the same engagement across their mobile, desktop and in-store experience. They expect loyalty to work both ways with retailers recognising them and delivering unique deals.

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Google and Amazon trump social influencers – Enterprise Times.

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