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Google antes up its own cloud migration appliance | ZDNet

Now that Google is getting serious about pursuing the enterprise cloud business, it too is getting into the migration appliance space. The logistics are similar – you go online and order the device, and then it’s shipped to you for a set period of time before you send it back. But, not surprisingly, the designs are different.

Google has seen one petabyte-size migrations as the sweet spot of the market. It’s introducing two models sized for 100 and 480 TBytes of data respectively. By comparison, Amazon’s are at the lower end of the spectrum with 50, 80, and 100-TByte units. Of course, the big exception is Amazon Snowmobile, if you want to truck 100 PBytes on a 12-wheeler with a 45-foot container.

Google’s pricing strategy is based on that petabyte sweet spot assumption, which equates to roughly two of its larger units. So while pricing for the smaller 100-TByte unit is on par with Snowball, at a petabyte, Google is listing the appliance at about 35% below.

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Google antes up its own cloud migration appliance | ZDNet.

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